About Us

Guide to Cartouche Jewelry
My name is Melinda Roth. I am the owner and operator of this business. I started this website in 1998. I have a military background myself and after getting out of the military, I followed my husband in the that life until he retired at 30 years.
I believe that when you are interested in purchasing, you should be able to speak to a person and have comfort in knowing what you paid for is what you receive. I stand behind all my products and offer assistance to anyone.

Currently, I sell Turkish jewelry. In addition, I sell sports memorabilia, Italian charms, collectors challenge coins, sunglasses, and toys on eBay. I run approximately 1500 auctions at all times. My eBay ID is “SCENTSOFLIFE”. This website displays the Turkish jewelry.

All the jewelry in this site comes directly to me from Turkey. I have an agreement with a Turkish jeweler manufacturer. Most of the jewelry you purchase is made in Adana, however, there are some pieces that come in from Istanbul. Don’t forget that everything you purchase from me is of the highest quality.

Thanks so much for visiting my website.