3-Sided Front Silver Cartouche


SKU: GC-12-S

This 3-sided front silver cartouche is rather large in size and very popular for people who want multiple names. It is basically three GC-03 cartouches put together with all having the oval shape and the scroll stand on the bottoms.The back is made smooth. As all cartouches, it will be longer with every letter you add; however, it always comes with a minimum 5-letter length. It is made of .925 Sterling Silver.

All cartouches are custom made in Turkey. This Egyptian style cartouche can be inscribed in your choice of four languages…Hieroglyphics, Arabic, Hebrew and English. Your choice of names for the sides may be different and have different languages. A Sterling Silver twist-style chain is included with every silver cartouche purchase. You may choose your length from 16” through 24”.

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16, 18, 20, 22, 24


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