Keeping Your Turkish Puzzle Rings Clean: A Guide

Turkish Puzzle Rings

Did you know that there are millions and millions of bacteria on rings?

If you have a ring, you definitely need to learn a few tips and tricks to keep your ring clean. This will help you maintain the ring for a longer lifespan.

Ready to learn how to keep Turkish puzzle rings clean to prolong their lifespan? Read on for some tips!

Remove the Ring Before Activities

To keep your ring clean, you first need to take it off before certain activities that could get it dirty.

For instance, if you are going to be doing the dishes, you may want to take them off. Additionally, you should not wear the Turkish puzzle ring if you are playing a sport or doing any type of strenuous activity, such as working out. This could not only make the ring dirty, but it could also damage the ring.

Store It In a Dry Place

When you are not wearing your Turkish puzzle rings, you want to make sure that it is stored in a dry and safe place.

You definitely want to avoid any areas that are exposed to moisture or heat as well as direct sunlight. This means that you should never keep puzzle rings stored in the bathroom as these areas tend to be some of the moistest areas in a home.

In addition to storing them in a dry and safe place, you should also avoid storing rings and jewelry next to each other as they can easily scratch one another and damage the rings.

Clean the Ring Regularly

Cleaning your rings shouldn’t be something that is done every once in a while. You need somewhat of a set schedule to clean your rings to keep them in the best shape possible.

To clean them, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare a cleaning solution of water and warm soap
  2. Soak the ring for 15 minutes
  3. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the ring
  4. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water
  5. Pat the ring dry

You should do this at least once a week to eliminate any dirt or grime building up on the ring.

Keeping Turkish Puzzle Rings Clean

keeping your jewelry clean isn’t always easy – especially when talking about rings as they are on your fingers. Typically, you’re most active with your hands, whether you are shaking other people’s dirty hands, playing a sport where you may fall onto the ground and get dirt on them, or something else.

That means that rings can easily get dirty.

You can easily maintain your Turkish puzzle rings with these tips and tricks.

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