3 Unique Ring Types For An Ideal Gift – A Piece of Expression

Unique ring types

A unique ring is not just a gift but a piece of expression that holds a special significance in your heart.  A good quality gold or silver ring will last you a lifetime and serve as a symbol of love. From a Four Season’s Ring, a spinning ring, to a puzzle ring, our collection displays rings designed for uniqueness and true confession. Cartouches come with a special collection of rings that signifies deeper meaning and bring good luck to the wearer. Confused about which ring to pick? Don’t worry, we have handpicked our best unique ring types for you to choose from. 


The Spinning Ring 

Spinning rings are recognized for their visual beauty and work like therapy for an anxious person. This ring comes with a double band, one inside the other, and is also called a Worry Ring. The inner band comes in many styles and spins between rim grooves, designed to help you focus and control your attention. This unique ring type can be engraved for personalization and bought as an excellent keepsake for your loved ones. 


The 7-Day Ring 

It is designed meticulously with seven bands attached to the back and signifies interesting concepts of its own. One is the representation of long life, strong friendship, health, love, wealth, peace, and happiness. The bible meaning signifies it as an engagement ring symbolizing (the beginning), (the commitment), discoverRING (the real you), perseveRING (the work), restoRING (the fixing), prospeRING (the goal), and mentoRING (the payback). The more you dig deeper into the concept, the more you understand the essence of this ring. A great souvenir to pass down for generations. 


The Puzzle Ring

This puzzle ring also known as the Turkish Wedding Band is for both men and women. It comes with a specific feature of four, six, and eight bands. Whether you purchase this ring as a couple or an individual, it holds special meaning and originality. It symbolizes interconnectedness, stages in life, and a deity to help you overcome challenges. Since this ring originated in Turkey, Cartouches has maintained its authenticity and value to pass it on to our customers. 


Parting Thoughts 

Today, rings are not just an exhibit of wealth and power but much more than that. It’s about beauty, significance, love, and a bond for life. At Cartouches, you don’t just pick a piece of jewelry, but a personalized experience for you and your loved one. So, don’t just purchase any ring, be particular! Jewelry should be personal and expressive. Make your ring an expression of your personality and the significance of your bond. Explore and shop from our unique ring types collection at our store. 


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