This Is How to Store Jewelry to Keep It Safe and Tarnish-Free

how to store jewelry


If you have an interest in building an eclectic jewelry collection, one of the best things you can do is learn how to take care of your best pieces.  The global jewelry market is going to reach about $277 billion by 2027. There are a lot of products and practices available that can help jewelry owners make the most out of their pieces. You need some ideas that will help you keep your favorite pieces damage and tarnish-free. These tips will teach you how to store jewelry in the best way possible.

Control the Temperature

When you’re dealing with metal jewelry, the most important thing to do is control its exposure to different temperatures. Storing jewelry can get tricky because humidity levels lead to tarnishing your favorite pieces.

Consider getting a humidifier or a dehumidifier for your home so that you’re controlling the amount of moisture that your metal pieces are exposed to. They’ll stay dry and “sweat” less, giving you a better chance of keeping your favorite pieces damage-free.

Separate Jewelry Based on Different Metals

It’s also best practice to separate your jewelry pieces based on the type of metal that they’re made from. This means keeping your gold pieces in one box, silver in another, and any other pieces separate from those.

This is one of the best ways to store jewelry because they have different chemistry, which affects their composition and likelihood to tarnish, corrode, or degrading.

Make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned and dried before putting each piece away. Learning how to clean sterling silver jewelry will help you get rid of sweat, acid, dust, and other things that can wear the pieces down over the years.

Include Gel Packets

You also need to learn how to safely store jewelry whenever you stash them away. Buy some silica gel packets that you can include in your different jewelry compartments. These packets keep the jewelry packets safe by absorbing moisture.

When these packets absorb moisture, this moisture is less likely to end up sticking to your jewelry and causing them to tarnish. You can buy plenty of these from a jewelry store or a jewelry repair shop and should stock up on them as much as you can.

Get a Good Jewelry Box

If you want to keep jewelry tarnish-free, invest in a solid jewelry box. The box should have different compartments, along with drawers that close.

If you’re trying to find the best way to store jewelry, there are plenty of different storage systems that you can look into. This can include zipping plastic compartments, jewelry hangers, and glass display cases.

Learn How to Store Jewelry Optimally

These tips will help you out when you need to know how to store jewelry in a way that protects it. When you take care of your jewelry, it will look beautiful and hold its value for years.

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