A Guide to Buying and Wearing Cartouche Jewelry

Guide to Cartouche Jewelry

Did you know that cartouches first appeared in the third dynasty of ancient Egypt? They have a long history and rich symbolism. However, how do you buy one for yourself?

Don’t worry! We’ve investigated everything you need to know about buying and wearing a cartouche. That way, you can find the right cartouche for you.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at cartouche jewelry:

Buying an Egyptian Cartouche

To purchase a cartouche necklace, you’ll first need to decide what quality metal you want. Most places have options like 14K or 18K. Of course, the 14K will be cheaper than the other options; however, the quality of the 18K will be better. So do you care about price or quality?

Next, you’ll need to decide what type of metal you want. Generally, cartouche necklaces are offered in both gold and silver. Gold cartouches are typically standard since gold represents wealth and status; however, in this day and age, silver cartouches have become a popular option too.

Once you decide on a metal, you’ll need to determine what name you’ll put on the cartouche. You can put your first name, a nickname, or even a beloved friend or family member’s name. The store will then translate your name into hieroglyphic symbols.

Once your name is translated, some shops allow you to put diamonds or other gemstones on the necklace to make it unique. Although, keep in mind that adding stones will likely result in an upcharge.

Wearing Cartouche Styles

How do you make your cartouch stand out? Well, if you choose a gold necklace, you’ll want to wear warm-colored clothing.

Pair your necklace with dark colors like black, dark brown, deep blue, and burgundy for the best results. That way, the gold from the necklace will contrast with the color, making the necklace attract the eye.

However, if you choose a silver necklace, you’ll want to wear jewel tones like light pink, aquamarine, or light yellow. As a result, the silver will stand out from the cool color and be more visible.

While cartouches are jewelry pieces, they represent a deeper significance. They are thought to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to the wearer. Thus, they are great jewelry pieces to wear if you are Egyptian or believe in Egyptian spirits.

However, with that in mind, don’t wear this jewelry piece if you’re looking for a costume accessory. These necklaces are meaningful and sacred to the Egyptian community.

Buy Cartouche Jewelry Today

Buying cartouches is as easy as one, two, and three. All you have to do is choose your metal and decide on a name. Then once the name is translated, some shops allow you to customize your cartouche with diamonds or gemstones.

To wear your cartouche, either pair your necklace with a dark color or a light color. That way, your necklace will stand out, and everyone will notice your stunning accessory.

If you are interested in purchasing cartouche jewelry, visit our webstore today.

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