How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Do you remember the drawer full of old jewelry that you have? Yes, the one that has all the tarnished jewelry. Don’t leave the jewelry in there any longer.

Take the jewelry out and look for your sterling silver jewelry. You might see what seems like a layer of discoloration on them. This is due to a chemical process called oxidation.

You might think that the jewelry has gone mad. You can clean sterling silver and make it look brand-new. Read on to learn how to clean sterling silver at home.

How to Clean Sterling Silver with Dish Soap

There are several ways you can clean sterling silver. The method you choose will depend on the equipment and tools you have at home. One of the most common ways to clean sterling silver jewelry involves using dish soap.

To start, you should first soak your sterling silver jewelry in a bowl of warm water. Add a few drops of dish soap to the bowl and mix until you see bubbles form. Let the jewelry soak in this solution for five to ten minutes.

Grab an old soft-bristle toothbrush and use it to clean all the crevices. There’s no need to brush hard as you don’t want to damage the jewelry. Once you’re done, you can rinse the jewelry under warm running water.

The last step involves drying the jewelry. It’s ideal to use a silver cloth for this, but you can also use a microfiber towel. Don’t use paper towels as they can scratch up the silver.

Gently rub the silver dry. You should then place each piece in a jewelry box lined with velvet. Doing so will help delay tarnishing.

How to Clean Sterling Silver with Baking Soda

If you have baking soda lying around the house, you can use it to clean silver. You’ll need to mix it with water to make a paste. All it takes is mixing two parts baking soda with one part water.

Apply the paste to the jewelry by rubbing it in. Let the paste dry until it removes the tarnish. Finally, use a soft cloth to dry the jewelry.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Did you know you can use lemon and olive oil to create a cleaning solution for your sterling silver jewelry? Take half a cup of lemon juice and one teaspoon of olive oil and mix them.

Dip a cloth in the solution and rub it on the jewelry. You’ll see how it will do wonders.

Vinegar is an amazing household cleaner. It makes for a great jewelry cleaner when combined with baking soda. All it takes is half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Toothpaste is another good cleaning solution. Take a small amount of diluted toothpaste and use it to clean the jewelry. Your jewelry will come out as shiny as your teeth.

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Use These Tips to Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Having tarnished jewelry should no longer be an issue. You can clean sterling silver by using these tips. Make sure to add these tips to your jewelry care routine.

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