What Is a Puzzle Ring?


Did you know that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings comes from ancient Egypt about 4,800 years ago?

Wedding rings have come a long way since ancient times, but the message remains the same. These days, there are various types of rings that are preferred as wedding bands. A puzzle ring is one of them.

Keep reading to learn more about puzzle rings.

What Is a Puzzle Ring?

The puzzle ring, also known as the Turkish puzzle ring or harem ring, has several interconnected bands that fit together like a puzzle. The ring appears to be a single ring but is made up of various links.

When you first look at a puzzle ring, it seems to have a textured, detailed design. If you take the ring off and play around with it, the ring comes apart.

The concept of puzzle rings stems from gimmel rings that were once used as wedding and engagement bands in Medieval Europe.

Puzzle rings are made from precious metals and can have up to 12 interconnected bands. The more bands, the more complex the right is.

Six-band rings are very popular options and are commonly used as wedding rings.

The Meaning Behind Puzzle Rings

Puzzle rings can hold meanings unique to the people wearing them. They are very symbolic, yet stylish. These are some of the common meanings behind puzzle rings:


A puzzle ring is a symbol of interconnectedness because of how all the rings fit together. Gifting this type of ring to a significant other could mean coming together to create something whole.

Stages in Life

Puzzle rings can represent stages in someone’s life depending on the number of bands the ring has. Two-band puzzle rings represent couples coming together while three-band puzzle rings might represent any of the following:

  • Past, present, and future
  • Mind, body, and spirit
  • Husband, wife, and children

Three-band puzzle rings are similar to three-stone rings.

Overcoming Challenges

Puzzle rings can also symbolize overcoming life challenges. A puzzle ring can act as a metaphor for turning hard situations into something better.

The Facts About Puzzle Rings

Although puzzle rings are also called Turkish puzzle rings, there’s reason to believe that they didn’t originate in Turkey. Instead, they are related to the gimmel ring popular in Europe in the 1500s.

Legend has it that the rings kept married couples loyal to one another. If someone took the ring off to commit adultery, they couldn’t put it back together as easily.

If someone got caught without your ring, the infidelity would be known to everyone. While this is an interesting myth, puzzle rings aren’t that complex to put back together.

Should You Buy a Puzzle Ring?

A puzzle ring is not only an interesting piece of jewelry but a stylish one. A metal puzzle ring is a great gift for a significant other or to remind yourself that you can overcome challenges.

Now that you understand puzzle rings, you can decide if buying one is right for you. Want to personalize your jewelry? Contact us today to learn about our options.

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