A Gold Cartouche is a timeless quality gift!

Gold is timeless! Gold has been valued across the ages and across cultures. It will last forever and will not rust or corrode. Regardless of the time or situation, gold jewelry is always fashionable and well received. The value of gold remains constant. It can be the best family heirloom or keepsake.

So, what better gift to yourself or a loved one than a Gold Cartouche. It is personal, timeless and quality! Personal because your choice of a name is soldered on the pendant. Timeless because gold is forever! Quality because gold does not lose value.

These Gold Cartouches look striking around the neck and create great conversation pieces. There are so many designs to choose. The 2-sided Gold Cartouche is front and back. There is also the 3-sided and 4-sided Cartouche that have endless possibilities for personalization.

Some ideas for the Cartouches might be your name in English on one side and your name in another language on the other. How about your name on one side and your birthdate or last name on the other side? On a 3-Sided Cartouche, you may want your name, your sweetheart’s name and your anniversary date on the third side. On a 4-Sided Cartouche, you may want the entire family named. Just use your imagination!

Just remember your cost is an investment that will never lose value. Your gift cannot get more personal than personalized jewelry. A Gold Cartouche can be that one gift they will remember getting forever!

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