Choose a Sterling Silver Cartouche for an Inexpensive Quality Gift!

Silver Cartouche

Some people think buying Sterling Silver is too expensive and some think it is a sign of cheap jewelry as a lower alternative to white gold. Really, Sterling Silver has always been a sign of wealth, i.e., Born with a Silver Spoon! The added metals in Sterling Silver make it an incredibly durable material…it is even stronger than gold. It is light weight and the quality makes it an ideal choice for jewelry to be worn daily or put away for that special occasion.

Sterling Silver consists of 92.5% silver and is very affordable.  So, a Sterling Silver Cartouche, when purchased from a reputable jeweler, such as Cartouches and More, is the perfect gift! When cared for properly, your Cartouche can last a lifetime. To learn more about the difference in silver quality, visit my “Jewelry” page on my website.

Getting that special someone or yourself, a Sterling Silver Cartouche is one of the most personal, affordable, special gifts you can buy. All the Sterling Silver Cartouches are custom made with your choice for names and in the available languages. Each Sterling Silver Cartouche comes with a solid Sterling Silver Twist Chain.

Cartouches are vertical, so the longer your name, the longer the Cartouche. You can get very creative with the names or even dates you choose. Unlike the Gold Cartouches, the Sterling Silver Cartouches are one price per style, regardless of how many letters in your name.

So, how can you get any better jewelry gift, than a solid Sterling Silver Pendant with Chain personalized?

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