Gold Cartouches Embody Both Beauty and Class

Did you know that the cartouche symbolizes good luck and a way to protect from evil?

Aside from general symbolism, it was also used to help mark Egyptian tombs, and they were only worn by pharaohs. Gold cartouches are indicative of royalty, luck, and the deterrent of evil that it’s known for.

If you’re looking for a way to express your high thoughts about a certain person, or yourself, this piece has even more history and meaning than you could think. Keep reading as we talk about the interesting and undeniable uniqueness that surrounds the gold cartouche.

What the Cartouche Represents

Originally, Egyptian cartouches were an imprint of a king’s name. With the base of an oval that represented the solar crown Uraeus, every element of this Egyptian hieroglyphic nameplate had a specific meaning.

The name of pharaohs was centered within the pieces, and the oval that surrounded the name of the pharaoh was seen as a layer of protection. That protective layer was said to protect the king in both life and death from evil spirits. Aside from the name, the Egyptian cartouche contained much more.

It held information about the kings, and it was mainly used as an identifier of the royal. These symbols were imprinted on tombs of royalty because the Egyptians believed that if your name isn’t written down that you could become lost after death.

An Explanation of the Symbols That Make up the Cartouche

The cartouche itself is a hieroglyphic meant for royalty or even gods like Anubis. Those that were rich enough could also have a cartouche. This often meant, though, that the individual was of major importance if they could afford to have one.

The ovular shape represents a rope. The horizontal line that’s included on the plate represents the rope getting used to form a loop. What’s interesting is that it’s seen as a pedestal to hold the name of the Pharaoh.

This nameplate would have the name of the pharaoh listed in a certain way that may seem odd. The last two names of the first five that the pharaoh had were imprinted on the cartouche, and this was the standard.

Why Gold Cartouches Make the Perfect Accessory

An Egyptian nameplate is a way to get close to history. While the name was actually the idea of French soldiers, these pieces signify power, strength, and importance. While they make the perfect collector’s items, gold cartouches have multiple stories to tell as they are small pieces that allow you to truly look into the past.

Getting Something Meaningful

Gold cartouches are a way to celebrate the cultural history and ancient traditions. Worn by pharaohs and the perfect example of power, the Egyptian cartouche is a classic and elegant piece to accompany any outfit on any day. To get your own piece of history, Cartouches and More specializes in providing you with hand-made, unique cartouches fit for a pharaoh.

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