Why not add protection to your Personalized Gold Cartouche with the Evil Eye?

14K Gold Evil Eye Charms

The “Evil Eye” concept dates back to Ancient Egypt and has been a part of Ancient Greek, Roman, Hittite, and Jewish cultures. The belief continues today in Turkey, Greece, Israel, Egypt, and other Mediterranean cultures. According to tradition, the unintentionally envious or jealous look of those around us can bring harm or misfortune to you. To ward off the “Evil Eye,” one must display a blue eye to protect you and bring luck. The blue eye is said to ward off evil, defend against it, and bring good luck and fortune.

Today, the most common form of the blue eye is glass, used to decorate everything from porcelain plates to jewelry and displayed in homes, offices, and cars.

Cartouches and More sells 14K Gold Evil Eye Charms.  Wear it with your Gold Cartouche on the same chain to have an attractive, eye-catching piece of jewelry.  You will receive many comments from people asking what it is or recognizing and commenting on the Eye. Other charms on the website are available to add to your Gold Cartouche and Evil Eye.  Personally, I wear a camel and the Eye to show my heritage. The GC-04 14K Diamond Cut Gold Cartouche with a Twist Chain and the two Charms are shown in the picture.

So, make your Personalized Jewelry even more interesting by adding a charm from Cartouches and More!

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