The Best Eastern Jewelry for Every Occasion

Archaeologists found the oldest gold earring in Bahrain, a small Middle Eastern country in the Persian Gulf. It was around 4,000 years old and it proves that eastern jewelry has been popular for eons.

Gold jewelry, in particular, is a common gift and accessory for weddings and other occasions in Middle Eastern countries. It’s important to recognize these milestone ceremonies by dressing up and wearing your best bling.

And there is a piece of jewelry for every occasion in the Middle East. Check out this guide for some of the most beautiful kinds of jewelry for your next special event!

Egyptian Cartouches

A hieroglyphics cartouche is an Ancient Egyptian nameplate. Most are in the shape of an oval and depict the name of a god or royal figure.

In eastern wear today, you can buy your own Egyptian cartouche in the form of a necklace charm! When choosing a name necklace, you can get your name written in English, Arabic, hieroglyphics, or a combination of all three.

These types of personalized jewelry are often made-to-order. So if you are ordering eastern jewelry to wear for a special occasion, plan in advance.

Gold cartouches are perfect for weddings and you could even give them as gifts with the bride and groom’s names on them. Opt for authentic 14KT Turkish cartouches made from Turkish gold if you want them to be high-quality.

Turkish Puzzle Rings

The Turkish puzzle ring is a traditional wedding band given to a wife from a husband. These rings fall apart when taken off so husbands could tell if their wives were being unfaithful.

Today, puzzle rings are a great example of the intricate craftsmanship of Turkish jewelry. They are chunky and eye-catching. Choose one in either silver or gold for a beautiful statement piece that will brighten up any black-tie outfit.

Tibetan Spinning Rings

Do you love the idea of a tactile puzzle ring but want more options? Look no further than the Tibetan spinning ring.

These rings are often known as “worry rings.” Tibetan monks used them while meditating to calm down their minds and bodies. You can spin the center of the ring with your thumb but it won’t fall apart like a puzzle ring.

They are the ideal piece of Middle Eastern jewelry to wear on nerve-wracking occasions. For example, your wedding, graduation, or a party where you are giving an important speech. They are available in gold, silver, or a mixture of metals for a modern look.

Choosing the Right Piece of Eastern Jewelry

You don’t need to be attending an eastern occasion to wear eastern jewelry. All these pieces are unique and exquisite enough for any occasion. And you have lots of options so you can pick the ideal style of jewelry to complete your look.

Cartouches and More have a selection of eastern jewelry in a range of styles and metals. Browse our online shop to pick out the perfect piece for your next occasion!

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