See your Name Written in a Different Language with Cartouches

customized names

Our Gold and Silver Cartouches offer four languages for inscription.  Whether you are buying a 2-Sided, 3-Sided, or 4-Sided Cartouche, you may choose your selected name to be written in Hieroglyphics, Arabic, Hebrew, and, of course, English.

Hieroglyphics, the ancient language of Egyptians is a form of pictorial writing.  The word Hieroglyph literally means ‘sacred carvings”. It is a picture of an object representing a word, syllable, or sound. There are several variations of the pictures translating to English letters.  Cartouches and More uses one of the most popular when inscribing your Cartouche.


customized names
Customized Names

Many people choose Hebrew to translate their English name.  Hebrew has mostly been considered a biblical language. It was revived and is now spoken as what is called Modern Hebrew.  When choosing Hebrew, Cartouches and More will transcribe your name the closest possible way it sounds in English.

With so many military personal of many countries stationed in the Middle East, Arabic has become a very popular language to learn. Most people do not realize there are 25 countries that claim Arabic as their official spoken language. As with the Hebrew language, when choosing Arabic for your Cartouche, Cartouches and More will transcribe your name the closest possible way it sounds in English.

Don’t forget, when choosing your inscription, just use your imagination. Cartouches and More’s jewelers are very talented and experienced.  If you have a special order not on the list for languages, just send us a message and see what we can do. As long as you provide a picture of what it should look like, in most cases, we can accommodate you.

So, what are you waiting for, start creating that special unique Cartouche just for you!

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