What Is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a coin presented to military member or a government employee as a reward for their time in service or a deed well done. They have no value as currency, but you can make custom challenge coins with brass, gold or silver. You can join the millions of government employees and military people who made Challenge Coin collecting an important hobby in their lives. Even former US Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were coin collectors.

The most famous challenge coin that you have probably heard of is the presidential challenge coin. When taking office each President designs their own coin to give as rewards and gifts. Former President Donald Trump changed the presi​dential coin to a gold coin with his campaign logo, “Make American great again.” The traditional motto was e pluribus unum which meant, “out of many, one.”

How to Collect Coins?

Coin collecting is a fun hobby that can help you meet new people, learn about the history of the military and start a hobby that will keep you passionate. It’s easy and affordable to get started by collecting cheap coins online. You can find hundreds of different styles and designs at your fingertips from your favorite sports teams to your college of choice.

Buy Your First Coin 

The first step to collecting coins is to buy your first coin. Are you wondering where to buy challenge coins? Look online to find different designs and unique coins that you can add to your collection.

Make a Custom Coin

Whether you are in the military or government service, or involved in a special organization, you may want to design your own special and unique coin to add to your coin collection. Design your custom challenge coin and get your coin in a couple of weeks. Buy in bulk and you can get started trading with other fellow coin collectors or have the perfect coin to represent your club.

Build Your Community and Trade Coins 

You have a whole community of coin collectors to make friends with and start trading. Get your team and friends involved by challenging them to a fun drinking game. The last person to show their challenge coin buys the next round of drinks or trades their challenge coin. This challenge game has been a military rite of passage for many years. Some people use them for a lucky poker coin, a golf marker and just for good luck.

Showcase Your Coins

Once you have a small collection, you want to make sure you can showcase your coins. Keep them clean without damaging the coins. Find a case to display them. Most people have a coin holder to display their coin. You should link this section to my coin holders.

Choose Your Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a commemorative tool to reward achievement and show support. Develop your network and start trading coins to build your coin collection.

You can start collecting challenge coins by getting your first do not say custom challenge coin. Check out the coin store to see how we can help you design or buy your coins. Adding a custom don’t say gold or silver because they are solid brass with gold or silver overlay coin can add special value to your coin collection by making it unique.

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