Why Personalized Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift

You’re looking for the perfect gift but you just can’t find the favor that expresses the right sentiment. You can’t find the gift that tells the special person in your life exactly what they mean to you.

It’s easy to find something, throw some gift wrap on it and hand it over, but when someone is important to you, the intent and the story can be a gift too.

That’s what makes the Egyptian cartouche the perfect reveal when the gift box is opened. Read below to find out how Napoleon’s soldiers turned them into tokens of love and why personalized Cartouche jewelry might just be what you’re looking for.

What Is an Egyptian Cartouche?

A cartouche is a gold or silver oval nameplate inscribed with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was marked with the name of the king or queen and found on Egyptian monuments; often tombs.

They served as birth records for people of high stature, and a spiritual rope surrounded the name, granting protection, which is why the cartouche was originally called Shenu. The word Shenu was derived from Sheni which means to encircle and it is a symbol of eternity.

The cartouche was known to protect against evil, which was why pharaohs wore them and labeled their tombs with them.

The Perfect Gift

The history behind the cartouche is fascinating, and even today, it’s seen as an item of jewelry that brings luck to its wearer, and what can mean more to someone you love?

What makes a cartouche necklace an ideal gift?

When Napoleon led his forces into Egypt, his soldiers associated the amulets on the tombs with gun cartridges and thus they named them Cartouches, a word which means cartridges in French.

They returned home with these amulets, and they gifted them to those special to them as a symbol of their love. To this day, people still do.

If the history doesn’t make you fall in love with the Egyptian cartouche, and the fact it brings luck doesn’t draw you to them, then the beauty of the jewelry will.

All the jewelry on Cartouches and More comes directly from Turkey and is authentic 14 karat gold. Add in the personalization, and you have a unique gift for that person that deserves it.

Why Personalize the Cartouche Jewelry?

Jewelry like the cartouche pendant or any other item of Egyptian cartouche becomes something even more special when you add personalization.

With personalization it becomes timeless. It becomes a gift no one else owns, and it becomes an item of jewelry you keep forever.

When you create the Egyptian cartouche necklace for one specific person you’re showing their importance in your life.

Egyptian Cartouche Makes the Perfect Gift!

The Egyptian cartouche is wrapped up in history, starting out as an amulet of reverence that etched the names of Pharaohs into existence while granting protection in this world and the next.

Napoleon’s soldiers made it a gift of admiration. One thing that’s clear from its past, is that cartouche jewelry has forever been a symbol of love.

If you’re searching for the ideal gift for someone special, then visit our jewelry shop and choose from the number of items we offer.

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