The History of Turkish Puzzle Rings


Did you know that the history of jewelry dates almost as far back as the history of human civilization? And that there are necklaces in Turkish museums from the Neolithic Period around 6000 years ago?

Yes, Turkey has a rich culture and history when it comes to jewelry and the Turkish puzzle ring is no different. This ring comprises several bands that interlock together and fall apart when taken off.

There are lots of myths and legends surrounding the history of the puzzle ring. No one seems 100% certain of the truth.

Curious to know about the genesis of this fascinating piece of Turkish jewelry? Read on to reveal everything there is to know!

Origins of the History of the Puzzle Ring

This is the most popular story behind the Turkish puzzle ring. Many centuries ago, a man wanted to give his new wife a wedding ring she would not be able to take off. Some say he was a Turkish king but some legends say he was only an everyday man that left a long legacy.

He wanted to be certain that his wife would never be unfaithful and remove her ring. So, he designed a ring that would fall apart when removed. Only he and the jeweler knew the puzzle to put the ring back together.

This is why Turkish puzzle rings are also known as Turkish wedding rings.

Others believe the traditional puzzle ring’s origins date back to the European Gimmel Rings. These are 16th-century engagement and wedding rings with two or three interlocking bands. One band is an engagement ring and it joins with two or more bands to make a wedding ring.

Meanings of the Turkish Puzzle Ring

Traditional puzzle rings are a great metaphor for the joining of two souls.  They’re difficult to put together. But when they slot into place they create a perfect pattern! Exactly like a long-lasting marriage.

Puzzle rings with three strands can also represent the interconnectivity of life. One strand represents the past, one the present, and one the future.

Popularity of the Traditional Puzzle Ring Today

This traditional piece of Turkish jewelry became a popular novelty item in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Children loved solving the puzzles of mass-produced versions of these rings.

But within the last few decades, many started to appreciate Middle Eastern jewelry for its fine craftsmanship. They’ve realized that puzzle rings are interesting heirloom pieces.

And, they are now available in even more intricate designs. Traditional puzzle rings have four or six strands but nowadays some rings have up to 12! And they can have gemstones too.

Buy Your Own Turkish Puzzle Ring

The Turkish puzzle ring isn’t only a fashionable, fun, and quality piece of jewelry. It has a long and storied history too. Now when someone compliments you on your beautiful ring, you can explain the fascinating history to them.

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